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What is Evolution? And Do We Have Enough Evidence?

What is Evolution? - Theory of Evolution – Do We Have Enough Evidence?

What is the Theory of Evolution? Do We Have Enough Evidence to Support or Contradict this Theory?


Evolution – Theory or Fact?

The theory of evolution has been debated for years. Religion, convictions and fanaticism aside, do we actually have enough evidence to support, or disproof this theory?


What is Evolution?

According to this article,

“the evolutionary process of speciation is how one population of a species changes over time, to the point where that population is distinct and can no longer interbreed with the “parent” population”.

Simply put, evolution is the process by which living things known as species undergo changes over time, and eventually morphs into a whole different specie. According to this theory, humans and apes share a common ancestor.


Is Evolution a Fact or just a Theory?

Evolutionists recognize two types of evolution. These are known as micro evolution and macro evolution.


  • What is Micro-evolution?

Micro evolution occurs on a small observable scale, within a single specie.

Micro evolution is a proven fact because little changes that occur among species are typically noticeable. A perfect example is the contrast in size of Sparrows in varying geographical locations. Sparrows in the north are larger than sparrows in the south. This is attributed to natural selection because ‘larger-bodied birds can often survive lower temperatures than smaller-bodied birds.”


  • What is Macro-evolution?

Macro evolution occurs on a much larger scale that transcends the boundaries of a single specie.


    The evidence supporting macro evolution is vague and highly debatable. No new species have been physically observed making such drastic changes. This is the theory that speculates that humans and apes share the same ancestor. These theories are backed up by speculative and debatable evidence. Similarity does not imply ancestry.


    What role does Lucy play in the Theory of Evolution?

    In a documentary  titled “Mysteries of Mankind”, Dr Donald Johanson,  an American Paleoanthropologist, discovered the bones of a prehistoric human, whom he named ‘Lucy”.  He believes she is the missing link between the evolution of humans and Apes.  Over 40% of her remains was found, and examined. Some questions did arise however. Questions such as “whether or not these scientists can proof, without a doubt, that she is the common ancestor between humans and apes.




    To conclude, we may have our favorable and unfavorable opinion about evolution. All being said, conviction, religion and fanaticism aside, unbiased research shows that we have more evidence to support micro-evolution than we do macro-evolution. This makes the theory of macro evolution a ‘theory’, and not a proven, observable and undebatable fact.






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