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Psychology Of Color In Branding

Psychology Of Color Branding in Logos

Case Study – McDonald’s



McDonalds Logo change over time - years

Figure 1: McDonald’s Logo Evolution. Taken from Trupedia


The psychology of color and it’s influence on human behavior is one of the most interesting, and highly debated aspects of marketing. Learn more


Let’s talk about McDonald’s:

McDonald’s logo has evolved over time. But what has remained consistent are the colors yellow and red. There are a few exceptions in a some countries.  According to psychologists, colors play a huge role in persuasion, and influencing consumer behavior.


Why Yellow?

The color yellow in the logo attracts attention. It is associated with the sun, which subtly and automatically improves the mood of viewers, making the item more likable. This psychology behind yellow also applies to clothing.



    Why Red?

    The color red is stimulating, exciting and encourages the viewer to take action. Some psychologists also believe that the color red stimulates appetite.



    Needless to say, combining both yellow and red will attract the consumer’s attention, stimulate mood and appetite, and encourage quick action. This may be the reason logos of a few McDonald’s competitors contain the color red or yellow or both. Examples include, but are not limited to, Burger King, In and Out Burgers, etc.


    The Psychology of Colors in Business Logo Branding

      Figure 2: A chart showing the the psychology of color in logo design. Take from the Huffington Post.


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