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Planet Fitness “Judgement Free Zone” – Brand Marketing Success

Photo of Planet Fitness logo and slogan in a physical Planet Fitness location

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Planet Fitness brand marketing. This is one marketing campaign I consider outstanding.


Planet fitness offers the least expensive Gym membership fees. This publicly traded company (NYSE: PLNT) has approximately 1400 clubs, making it the largest fitness club franchise.


Planet Fitness Amenities:

Not only does it offer the least expensive gym membership fees, members are not tied to a contract. Planet fitness centers are furnished with basic machines and amenities. No saunas, steam rooms, fitness classes and other features you’ll find at many other more expensive, contractual membership gyms.




    How does Planet Fitness stand out from the competition:

    This surprisingly is an effective way to stand out from the competition. Not everyone needs those amenities. As a matter of fact, it’s branding campaign is in line with these limited amenities. Basically, members can stop by before work or after work to run, walk, lift and then leave. Planet fitness’ model is ‘no judgment’ (image above). The company’s branding campaigns presents itself as a gym for regular, average people. No hunks or gym rats allowed.


    Planet Fitness Successful Branding Commercial:

    One of its most successful ad is of a gym rat who was given a tour of the gym. He was a stereotypical hunk, that is, all muscles and not much else. All he said was “I lift things up and put them down”. (video below). The tour guide (planet fitness employee) eventually and passive-aggressively kicked him out. That is a ‘no hunks allowed policy’. Of course in reality, all sorts of people sign up because of the affordable cost, but these Planet Fitness branding campaigns helped advance its image and popularity.



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