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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic and Income with YouTube

 Increase Your Blog Traffic and Income with YouTube

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic and Income with YouTube

YouTube has become a favorite destination for millions of people on the internet. Many spend hours on YouTube watching music videos, educational videos, product reviews and more. Did you know you can use it to drive traffic to your blog and increase your earnings?


Video blogging (also known as Vlogging) is becoming extremely popular. Many Vloggers earn money on YouTube, some more than others of course. If you already have a blog, or are thinking of creating one, you too can earn money and increase traffic to your blog.


  • First, sign up for a YouTube account and create your own YouTube channel.  Be sure to include links to your blog on your YouTube channel. See link to channel set up instructions below.


  • Second, film videos of yourself either discussing your blog topic, demonstrating or reviewing products related to your topic or just film yourself saying what you would normally write in a blog post. You do not need an expensive camera to start. You can record on your phone, in a well lit area.


    • Third, include a link to your blog in the video description, and embed your videos into blog posts on your website using the code provided by YouTube.  See instructions below on how to embed videos. In addition to quality content, videos on your blog will keep visitors entertained and coming back for more.  People who stumble upon your videos on YouTube can follow the links back to your site. Not only does this result in free, easy traffic to your site, the links also boost your search engine ranking on Google (SEO).



    Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with setting up a YouTube channel or creating a website/blog.

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