4 Habits of Successful People

4 Habits of Successful People

Habits of Successful People

1. For Successful People, Everything Comes Down to Routine

The everyday routines of successful people involve specific habits. Winston Churchill, for example,  woke up at 7:30 am every day, had breakfast, read his newspaper, and checked his mail. He did all of this consistently and “started” his day after 11:00 am. Many of us do not possess the luxury of waking up at 7:30 am and starting our day at 11:00 am, however, we could benefit from creating and sticking to an empowering routine that sets the tone for the day.


2. Successful People Organize Their Day the Night Before

Experts believe that each moment we spend coordinating preserves another 10 minutes in production. Make a list tonight of all the things that must be done tomorrow. At the very latest, create the list first thing in the morning. Experts believe:

  • putting a list together clarifies your mindset and objectives,
  • assembling a list makes us think and focus on the bigger picture,
  • if we begin working with a list, we enhance our output each day by up to 25%.


3. Successful People Identify Their Priorities Before the Day Starts

The 80/20 rule should be enforced here. For example, if your to-do list contains 10 tasks, 2 of them will take precedence over the remaining 8. Go through your list and ask yourself, “What are the most important things I need to get done if I had to leave town for the next 2 weeks?” After identifying and isolating the most important things, you can proceed to the next step.


4. Successful People Tackle The Most Important Task First

Immediately start working on your most important task and concentrate on it until it’s completed. These tasks often require more energy, time and focus. Employ a checklist and mark each completed task as you go. This is a practical and efficient method to increase our productivity.



If we can incorporate these habits the way successful people do, we will see a significant increase in productivity and growth.


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