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Celebrity Branding Strategy: The Re-branding of Miley Cyrus


Brand Marketing: Celebrity and Personal Branding Strategy:

Celebrity Branding Strategy. The Re-branding of Miley Cyrus

Re-branding Image of Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus retrieved from Music2Explore

The Branding and Re-branding of Miley Cyrus.



What is Branding?

Branding is the process of differentiating a service, product and individual from competitors. Branding occurs whether a pre-planned branding campaign is executed, or not. Our image and relevancy are frequently evaluated by customers (products and services), friends (personal) and the public.

When it comes to celebrity personal branding, who comes to mind is Miley Cyrus.


Steps to Successful Personal Branding Campaigns:

According to author Megan Marrs of Forbes Magazine, the first step to a successful personal branding campaign is Determine Your Emotional Appeal. This is how Miley Cyrus evolved her public image from a sweet teenager to provocative Pop and Hip-Hop artist.


Disney’s Branding of Hannah Montana:

Miley Cyrus’ career was launched by the Disney show Hannah Montana. Most Disney characters maintain a certain moral standard on and off the set. This is because they become role models to their vulnerable audience. Miley was no different. She was viewed as an innocent teenager trying to find her place in the world.


Why Did Miley Cyrus Need to Re-brand Her Image?

Fast forward to when she turned 21. Her Hannah Montana audience were grown, and their interest in the show began to wane. Miley needed to stay relevant, which may have inspired her re-branding campaigns. She needed to completely strip off that Disney image.



    How Did Miley Cyrus Re-brand Her Image?

    One effective re-branding campaign occurred at the VMA awards when she entertained the attendees. She was provocatively dressed and some of her dance moves caused a stir. People and the entertainment media talked about it for weeks. This camping definitely altered the ‘Disney’ image most had of Miley Cyrus.



    Another effective branding campaign were her music videos. In a few of these videos, Miley Cyrus presented herself as an adult capable of making her own decisions. In one of them, she said she could not be tamed. In another one, she didn’t wear clothes. With all these combined, it is fair to say this was a successful re-branding strategy.



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