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Best Instagram Scheduler and Manager

Best Instagram Scheduler and Manager

Best Instagram Scheduler and Manager


Please note this article was written in March 2017, so there may be new programs and current programs may have upgraded their functionalities.


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If you are a social media manager, digital marketing specialist or own a business, you may be familiar with various social media scheduling and management tools. My favorite/recommendation for Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus is Hootsuite. When it comes to Instagram, there are a few options that are not exactly convenient. Hootsuite for example, requires you to stay logged in to Instagram on your phone and send a push notification when your prescheduled post is ready to go live.



    My Instagram Scheduler and Management Recommendation

    The only Instagram scheduler and manager I found, tested and recommend is Onlypult. No push notification is required after scheduling your post. You can upload photos and videos right from your computer. You can also edit your post and view analytic reports. You can manage multiple accounts and upload in bulk. Being a digital marketing specialist, I struggled with managing multiple Instagram accounts until I found Onlypult. It’s safe and there’s no contract, which means you can cancel at any time.


    Cost of Onlypult as of March 2017

    There is an annual payment rate and monthly payment rate. I use the monthly payment because I do not want a contract or anything that feels like a contract.



      Try it for one month. There’s no automatic renewal if you pay month to month. Onlypult worked amazingly well for me. You should give it a shot.

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